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​About Seats

There are three main types of seats in our restaurant.

The standard seating area has privacy enough.
We also have a function room and a private room, see photos and descriptions below.

If you want a private room please read the description carefully

Standard booth

Our standard seats will be enough to make your space private. There will be no back to back contact with the customer behind you. Our standard seats are separated from their neighbours by clear board or wooden slats.
All seats have a touch panel to order from.


Function Area

The function area can accommodate the largest number of people. The function area is the largest space and can be set up with tables to suit the number of guests and their needs.
It is suitable for gatherings of approximately 14 to 32 people, but with the addition of the small space opposite, it can seat up to about 40 people.

We also recommend this function area if you want a private room but those are full. Have a look at the photos here.

When this space has no special reservations and may be used as an additional standard seat if the standard booth are full.

You can order via the touch screen on the wall.

This area is not always a private space.
If you are in a group of less than 15 people, you may share the space with other guests.


Private Room

The very popular private rooms have no time limit on seating. The maximum capacity of each room is 8, 14, and 18 people. There are only 4 rooms per day, so it is highly recommended that you book in advance if you want to use the room.
At least on weekends, they are rarely available on the day. $20 room charge will be added.

Enjoy your meal with your loved ones in a private room. There is a touch screen in each room, from which you can order.


The traditional Japanese form of seating, known as "hori-gotatsu". You don't have to bend your knees to sit on the floor. You can sit on the floor with your feet in, just as you would in a chair, and cushions are available if you need them.

Note on booking private rooms

To make a reservation, just fill in the form online as the rest of the seating, and mention in the note that you would like a private room.
You will then receive an email from us and the reservation will be confirmed there.
Note: Please note that the reservation is not confirmed until you receive the confirmation email.

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